Sunday, August 5, 2012

Review: "The Cozy Chicks Kitchen" by Authors of the Cozy Chicks blog

    Im a big fan of cozy mysteries, and when I heard of this book, - I really wanted to add it to my cookbook collection.  

This is a collection of all kinds of recipes by the Bestselling authors of the Cozy Chicks blog 

The Cozy Chicks are:  Ellery Adams / J.B. Stanley
Deb Baker / Hannah Reed
Lorraine Bartlett / L.L. Bartlett / Lorna Barrett
Kate Collins, Maggie Sefton, Leann Sweeney
                              and Heather Webber / Heather Blake

There are a large variety of recipes in this book, including everything from Drinks, Soups, Main Dishes, Desserts and more!  Im planning on trying the Quick and Easy Lemon Chicken and Pete's Pecan Pie very soon!

"The Cozy Chicks Kitchen is available in paperback and also in e-format:

****"The Cozy Chicks Kitchen"  would make a wonderful gift for any cook 
( and especially those cooks that enjoy cozy mysteries! )

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  1. I will be trying some of these recipes in this book. It was a fun book to look at.

  2. how wonderful. I will have to check out the book and the blog xo

  3. The Lemon Chicken sounds awesome and so do the soups. I love making a variety of soups in the winter. Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe book.

  4. for awhile I have thought that a collection of recipies from cozy mystery books would be great... I'll have to check out this book :)

  5. Oh what fun! I love books that have recipes in it. I recently read the Hindi Bindi Club, which has Indian Food recipes in it - that was fantastic!

  6. I don't find enough time to read, except cookbooks of course.


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