Saturday, September 8, 2012

Review: Wildflower Bride in Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad

          Wildflower Bride in Dry Creek 

         Steeple Hill Love Inspired

         ISBN:  0373877536
        June 2012  

Marry a secure businessman, or become a bunkhouse cook for twenty hungry cowboys on a cattle ranch? When Angelina Brighton chooses the ranch, she runs from the wedding her billionaire father arranged. Angelina won't marry a man she doesn't love. Then along comes former special ops soldier Tyler Stone, barreling into Dry Creek to bring her back home. Or so she thinks.But Big Sky country is full of surprises for everyone—especially for a faithful gal and rugged cowboy who discover what home really means.

My review:  In this 3rd book in the "Back to Dry Creek" series, Tyler Stone returns back to Dry Creek and was suprised to find that Angelina had planned a memorial service for him.  He had served in the war, and his family and friends thought he was dead.  
While Tyler gets reacquainted with everyone in Dry Creek, he spends time with Angelina. They have a history together, and their feelings for each other are still strong.  
They learn more about each other when Tyler asks her out for a Dinner date at the smalls towns charming cafe. 
 Angelina cooks for some cowboys at a nearby ranch, and while the cowboys like Tyler, they are very "protective" of her.

I enjoyed reading how Angelina understood her fathers role in her life, and how she learns how to accept what people can give,..not what they "cant" give.

This is a story of forgiveness, and Tyler learning how God can help us in times of need.

 I really enjoy the "Dry Creek" series, and it was wonderful visiting "old friends" in this small community.  

**I would like to thank the author for sending me a copy of this book for my honest review.

For more information on Janet Tronstad's books, visit her website 

Books in the "Back to Dry Creek" series are:

Sleigh Bells for Dry Creek
Lilac Wedding in Dry Creek
Wildflower Bride in Dry Creek

  Look for the next book in this series
September 2012 



  1. Nice review. I look forward to reading this book

  2. Sounds like a cute plot. I love your blog...very festive.

  3. great review. thank you for sharing. xo

  4. I should read instead of cook/bake sounds like a nice series. Andi

  5. I should read instead of cook/bake sounds like a nice series. Andi


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