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Book Tour - Review and Giveaway - Blossom Street Brides by Debbie Macomber

Release Date - March 25, 2014
Publisher: Ballantine Books

I'm a huge fan of Debbie Macomber's books, and her Blossom Street series is one my favorites! Blossom Street Brides is the newest book in the Blossom Street series, I loved it! 
If you havent read the other books in this series, this book would be fine as a "stand alone" book.

In this book, we meet Lauren, who works near the yarn shop and has waited years for her boyfriend to propose. She has to make a decision on whether to keep seeing him or break up with him... 
It was nice visiting again with Bethanne and Max.  They love each other very much but Bethanne's ex-husband keeps interfering!

And, Lydia ( who owns "A Good Yarn" shop ) is puzzled on who is leaving baskets of yarn in public places around town,   ( there is a  note in each basket of yarn for people to work on the scarf for charity and then take it to Lydia's store. )   Lydia is married and has a family life that she enjoys very much.

I enjoyed the story lines of this book.  With each of these ladies having a unique romance in the book, it was very interesting to follow them and see how their stories turned out!

As each story "unravels" you will find the charm and wonderful characters that Debbie Macomber is known for!
5 stars!

She found herself staring at him, unable to pull her gaze away.
Then, to her utter embarrassment, he removed his sunglasses, stared back at her,
and smiled.

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About the book - from http://www.debbiemacomber.com
#1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber has won the hearts of millions of readers with her moving and inspiring stories. Now wedding bells are ringing in the tight-knit community that gathers around A Good Yarn, a store in a pretty Seattle neighborhood. Knitters come to the store to buy yarn and patterns but somehow they leave richer in friendship and love.
Lauren Elliott has waited years for her long-term boyfriend, Todd, to propose, yet he seems more focused on his career than their relationship. When Lauren learns that her younger sister is pregnant before she herself even has an engagement ring, she feels overjoyed yet disheartened. Knowing she can’t put her future on hold, Lauren prepares to make a bold choice—one that leads her to a man she never dreamed she’d meet.
Newly married to her second husband, Max, Bethanne Scranton is blissfully in love. But with Max’s job in California and Bethanne’s in Seattle, their long-distance marriage is becoming difficult to maintain. To complicate matters, Bethanne’s cunning ex will do anything to win her back.
Lydia Goetz, too, is wonderfully happy with her husband, Brad, though lately she worries about the future of A Good Yarn. As she considers how to bring in business, she discovers that someone has beaten her to the punch. Baskets of yarn are mysteriously popping up all over town, with instructions to knit a scarf for charity and bring it into Lydia’s store. Never before has her shop received so much attention, but who hatched this brilliant plan?
As three women’s lives intersect in unexpected ways, Lydia, Lauren, and Bethanne realize that love heals every heart, and the best surprises still lay ahead.

More about the Author:
Debbie Macomber is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and one of today’s most popular writers with more than 170 million copies of her books in print worldwide. Macomber brings to life the compelling relationships that embrace family, community and enduring friendships, filling her readers with a sense of love and hope.

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  1. Hi Melissa,
    I just love her books and would love to have this one. Hope you are having a great day and thanks for sharing.
    Miz Helen

  2. Yes! I have the first book in the series and loved it!

  3. I am finally reading my first--Wyoming Brides--I love it!

    1. Ruth, I dont think I have read "Wyoming Brides" yet, but its on my to be read list!

  4. I found Debbie Macomber ages ago when I read The Trouble with Angels. I quickly fell in love with Shirley, Goodness and Mercy and read every book she wrote for several years until I fell out of reading for quite a few years. I'm glad to say I'm getting back in touch with Blossom Street Brides. Thank you for the review and giveaway!

    1. I am so dense sometimes. I started to enter the giveaway. LOL Please just exclude me. :)

    2. =)
      Thanks for joining the Tour on the 30th Wanda! =)

  5. I have not read any books by Debbie Macomber but I would love to read her books.

  6. Yes, I've read several of her books. She's a wonderful writer!

  7. I have read every single book she has written. Can't wait for the next!

  8. Yes, I have read some of the Blossom Street series and Cedar Cove series. I love her books. I know I read some Christmas stories by her too. I have all written down in a notebook . Thank you for this giveaway . marybrandis@gmail.com

  9. I haven't read any other books by Debbie Macomber, but my mother has a ton of her books. I think she's my mom's favorite author.

  10. I've enjoy a couple of her books and they were great. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. SUCH a wonderful author! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of Blossom Street Brides!


  12. I've only read "Rose Harbor in Bloom," and I really liked it. I'd love to read more of her books! (And I LOVE Hallmark Channel's adaptation of her Cedar Cove series.)

  13. I have read many of Debbie Macomber's books and enjoyed them all. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  14. Hi Melissa, this book look really interesting and I love that she wrote a book about Lydia who owns a book shop! Thanks for the chance to win the books and I would love to read them and then give them to my mom to read. Take care and enjoy the week.

  15. I enjoy Debbie Macomber! I've read most of the Blossom Street novels, Starry Night, and both Rose Harbor books so far, along with a smattering of others as I have located them. I've had the fun of reviewing several of her books on my blog, too. Debbie's books are always warm and comforting; I can always count on her to have things work out for the best in the end.

  16. Debbie Macomber is one of my favorite authors! I've read almost all of her books. I am very excited about this new book!

    Blessings - Julie

  17. Yes I have read many of her books. They are in my bookcase as they are keepers.

  18. Debbie Macomber is one of my favorite authors! I've read almost all of her books. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of Blossom Street Brides!

  19. I love Debbie, haven't had time to get my hands on this one yet. I would love it!!! Thanks for the opportunity. I love in her books, how each one feels like coming home... old characters .. gives me a sigh each time!! Blessings on your Friday!! xoxo

  20. I love the Blossom Street series!

  21. Can't wait to read this book. I've really enjoyed the rest of the series. But I pretty much enjoy anything that Debbie Macomber writes!

  22. Great giveaway! I read the first one and would love to read more!

  23. Starry Night - and I am looking forward to reading more!


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