Monday, October 30, 2017

Pumpkin Recipes for anytime of the year!

One of my favorite kinds of Pie is Pumpkin Pie, I love it!  I could eat it anytime of the year.  There are so many Pumpkin recipes that I want to try! 😚

What is your favorite Pumpkin Recipe?

See below for several Pumpkin recipes that I'm sharing from some of my favorite cooking sites.


Pumpkin Cake Roll Bars  from The Better Baker 

Pumpkin Spice Cake from The Country Cook 

Roasted Southwest Pumpkin Stew from Miz Helen's Country Cottage 

For more delicious Pumpkin Recipes - Visit my "Pumpkin Recipes"  Board!    😊🍰 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Keeper of the Plains - Wichita, Ks

I'm currently reading "Love Finds you on Christmas Morning" on my Kindle app on my tablet.  Two wonderful stories of the same house -- set 85 years apart.

 Two women receive marriage proposals in the same house—eight-five years apart. Love finds a home on Christmas morning in two heartwarming holiday stories. 

“Deck the Halls”
"’Tis the Season”

And, I wanted to share some photos with you that I took of a Wichita Attraction called "Keeper of the Plains".  You can read more about this Statue at this article

The 44', 5 ton stylized sculpture of an Indian Chief was designed by Native American artist Blackbear Bosin (1921-1980) and constructed by Tom Washburn of Architectural Metal Products.

Its fun to walk on the Bridge!   

There is a nice path that you can walk near this River 

And, you can rent bikes to ride near this Attraction! 

Have a great day! 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Book Spotlight - "About a Dog" by Jenn McKinlay

Jenn McKinlay is the author of several Cozy Mystery series (they are some of my favorites!)  Recently she released two books in her new series called "Bluff Point Romance". 

I have received the first book in her new series, its called "About a Dog".  I'm looking forward to reading it!
  1. "About a Dog" was released in May 2017.  To read a preview of this book, visit here
  2. The second book in this series is called "Barking Up The Wrong Tree".  Released in September 2017.
  3. The third book in this series is called "Every Dog Has His Day". Release Date is in January 2018.

Jenn McKinlay 

What book are you reading?  😊

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Chicken Soup for the Soul - "Angels Among Us"

Chicken Soup for the Soul Books 

   I have a collection of Chicken Soup for the Soul books, and I love them!  They are a wonderful inspiration for Reflection, Faith and Learning. 

In my collection, I have this book "Angels Among Us".

Angels Among Us: 101 Inspirational Stories of Miracles, Faith, and Answered Prayers

I'm currently reading this book, and really enjoying all of the different stories.  I lost someone dear to me last week, and I needed some uplifting and faith inspired words to help me in my time of grieving. 

More about this book ( from Goodreads (dot ) com )
In this book of 101 inspirational stories, contributors share their personal angel experiences of faith, miracles, and answered prayers, which will amaze and inspire you.

Celestial, otherworldly, heavenly. Whatever the term, sometimes there is no earthly explanation for what we experience, and a higher power is clearly at work. You will be awed and inspired by these true personal stories from people, religious and non-religious, about hope, healing, and help from angels.

For more information about Chicken Soup for the Soul, visit their website

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