Sunday, June 9, 2013

E-Reader or "Real book" Question

Do you like E-Readers or do you prefer a "real book"?

I have a large collection of both paperbacks and Hardcover books, and I will always enjoy reading 
a "real book". 
 However, I recently bought a Nook, and I love it!

If you like using covers for your books,  to protect the book or to "hide" what you are reading -  you will love Bagabooks!
About a year ago, I received a  "Bagabook", and I love it!
You can read my review here

Bagabooks are also available to fit your Kindles and Ipads  
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A Bagabook would make a great Gift for any book lover in your life!

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Do you like E-readers or do you prefer a "real book"?

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  1. I have a kindle but it took me sometime to use it more than I would a regular book. I too have a huge collection of books, but have found that it is easier to use an e-reader (that way I can't read ahead).

  2. I never thought I'd be an e-book kind of girl. I LOVE hardcovers. But I do like them! I have a Kindle and there's just something cool about being able to download a book in seconds and take it w/you wherever you go very easily.

    I like both. :)

  3. I am a bit of a snob, I prefer books made out of paper... I haven't tried electronic books yet, I may be the last holdout... Bagabooks look cute!

  4. I have a kindle but I have only read one book on it as I still prefer my real books. If I traveled I would use my kindle more.

  5. I have a kindle, but I also read a lot of library books. So I guess I am a fan of both :)

  6. Hi Melissa,
    I love all books. Both hard back, paper back, and my ereader. I started with a nook when they first came out because I could get library books on it before a kindle could. I next moved to the nook color, because my son was able to make it into a tablet, before they had the nook tablet. He is a computer whiz. I also now have an Asus Transformer Tablet. I get all of my books, magazines, and music in one place. Since I travel a lot and read a lot, it is great not to have to carry 20 lbs of books in my suitcase.
    Have a great week.

  7. I love to read, so I'm glad you found me, as it lead me to you.

    I used to love holding an actual book, but then I started mostly reading library books and found that many were food stained and smelled like smoke. Now I have a Kindle and can borrow library books on it and I just couldn't be happier!

  8. I LOVE books - real books but do use a Kindle and Ipad for convenience. Plus I've run out of bookcase room!

  9. U prefer "real" / physical books!

    Create With Joy

  10. I've become hopelessly devoted to my Kindle! It is so much easier to read in bed now. I can get so many books for FREE too! I've recently discovered Grace Livingston Hill and have been really enjoying her many books.

  11. When I got my Kindle almost 2 years ago I pretty much stopped reading physical books completely. It's great for commuting and travel to just hold this light device instead of multiple books. Plus my local library now lets me check out all the books digitally which is great!

  12. I dont't have an ereader ( sad face) Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo

  13. I have used my daughters e-reader but still prefer books. :)

  14. Like you, I have a HUGE collection of paperback and hardcover books. However, I LOVE my Kindle. I have all those books, and then some on it and I can take it anywhere =)

  15. Hi Melissa I'm responsible for turning my hubs from a hard book reader into an e reader because I gave him his first one a few xmas ago...I still remember when he used to tell me he likes the feel of the pages on his he can't put the darn thing down, lol...I'm following your blog on FB, GFC and Google! Have a great weekend girl!

  16. I once had a Kindle Fire and loved it. But sold it, hoping to save for an iPad Mini, which hasn't happened yet. So until then, I download books on my cloud and read them on my computer. I love the covers you've shared. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  17. I like both and have a Nook. I love these bags! Very cool!

  18. I held out on buying an e-reader for the longest time. I'm a book lover through and through...I love the smell, the feel, etc. However, there came a time where it was just a better choice financially and it also helped me to keep my house less cluttered with the many books that I read. I have a very old version of the kindle, but I must say that I do love it. I love that I can find a book online and have it to read within 30 seconds. Though no matter the convenience, I will always love reading an actual book more than anything. Nothing can take the place of it.


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