Monday, November 19, 2012

Review: Angels at the Table by Debbie Macomber

             Ballantine Books Hardcover
           Shirley, Goodness and Mercy
         Christmas Novel
         October 23, 2012
         ISBN 9780345528872

                   In Debbie Macomber's latest Angelic Intervention series, angels Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy have a new assignment: to tend to apprentice angel Will. On New Year’s Eve, Will spots two lonely souls in New York’s Times Square and shoves them together. But though they are just right for each other (she’s a chef, he’s a food critic), they are separated in the crowd, and the four angels decide to work a miracle the following holiday season by reuniting them.

My Review:
The story of Lucie and Aren starts out at Times Square on New Years Eve, where they accidentally "bump" into each other.  They have alot in common, and agree to meet again soon, but things don't always work out as planned.

The story comes alive as the Angels, ( Shirley, Goodness and Mercy ), also known as "Prayer Ambassadors" show their new Apprentice Angel, "Will" around New York City.  As Will learns to help humans, he also realizes some important things about being a Angel.

I enjoyed how the Angels are always trying to "help" - but sometimes the best of intentions don't always turn out right.
Their funny antics made me smile!

Also included in this book is an easy recipe for "Peppermint Bark", and some pretty Christmas Gift Tags!

This book would make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves Romance and stories about the wonder and enchantment of Angels.


        Debbie Macomber is a #1 New York Times bestselling author who is best known for her ability to create compelling characters and bringing their stories to life in her books.  Drawing on her own experiences, Debbie writes heartwarming tales about small-town life, home and family, enduring friendships and women who knit.  Every book features the delightful sense of humor for which readers around the world clamor.
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Watch for "Starting Now" ( a new "Blossom Street" book )
to be released in April, 2013
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  1. Sounds like a good book. I really need to get started on this series. Good review.

  2. Hi! visiting and returning the follow from GYB hop via GFC! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. this book is on my table ready for a quiet afternoon. Thank you for linking to the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. xo


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