Thursday, May 29, 2014

Playaway - The All-in-one Audiobook

Do you listen to Audiobooks?   There are many ways to listen to books,  - thru Phone apps, online, CD's in your vehicle ( or at home ).  And now, one of the newest ways is Playaways! I love them! 
 Playaways are a great way to listen to books!  They are portable and easy to carry with you while you walk or exercise, ( or just lounging in your favorite chair! )  

Playaways do not need a separate player, they come pre-loaded ready to use with one audiobook per device.  **headphones not included.  ( if you check a title out at the library, they might not have a AAA battery in them. Be sure and have some AAA batteries on hand. )
 I have found alot of great titles at my library.  If your library does not have Playaways yet, ask your librarian about them! 

I recently discovered that there is a "new" version of the Playaway called Playaway LIGHT! 
With a larger backlit screen and other improved features the Playaway LIGHT sounds great!

Currently, I have been listening to 1225 Christmas Tree Lane by Debbie Macomber on a Playaway.  This is the last book in the Cedar Cove series,( and I have already read the book ) -- but its a nice story to listen to early in the morning, or late at night.  

For more information about the new Playaway Light, visit their website 

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Do you listen to Audiobooks?


  1. How interesting and a great way to read a book! I never did audio books before! Hope all is well and enjoy the weekend.

  2. This is pretty neat. I prefer reading to listening. For some reason I can't concentrate enough when listening to get the most out of the story. I wonder how well these would store, though. It seems they would take up a lot of room. Are they any larger than a large paperback?

    1. Wanda, The photo above dosent really reflect the actual size very well. The Playaways come in a case ( for storage ) - and the case is a little bit bigger than a regular sized paperback. The actual Playaway is smaller than a paperback.

  3. Hmmm That sounds pretty good. I saw that and I was thinking it would be awkward to store. Pretty cool.

  4. I love Playaways too! I used to use them at work. I don't listen to audiobooks any more but do enjoy it.

    1. Veronica, They would be great to use in a quiet work environment!

  5. I have never listened to an audio book, I will have to look into it for sure. I am an avid reader, and enjoy reading before bed to help me "wind down" the problem is, that I get so engrossed in the book, before I know it , it is after midnight.

    1. I like to read before bedtime too, but sometimes reading can make me Playaways are a great way to listen to a book.

  6. I check them out at our library. Fun to listen to while driving on a trip. I love Debbie Macomber. Pinned!
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

    1. Wanda, I get my Playaways at the library also. They have a great selection! I enjoy the ones by Debbie Macomber. =)
      Thanks for the pin!

  7. I purchased a children's book for my Kindle and it was audio, though for some reason I missed that when I bought it. When we went to play it, I said, 'darn that's an audio book.' I thought it wouldn't play, I had no idea my Kindle had speakers. hahahaa Now everything has an announcement (audio book or not) and I have to figure out how to turn that guy off. For now, I've found the volume button and turned him down, ha! But it does open the possibility of audio on the Kindle up for me, and I'd be willing to purchase a read for me. I could play it while cleaning house!

  8. I do like this as I find it so frustrating that I have less time to read than I would like. So great to help pass the time while exercising too. I really value your thoughts and reviews!

  9. I *love* audiobooks. I have one going in my car and one on my mp3 player. I check books out from the state library site (if you're in Kansas, you're eligible! Check with your local library on how to get a state card if you don't have one, and visit for more information on free audio and ebooks) and I also subscribe to I don't know how I ever folded laundry or cleaned the kitchen without them.

    Our library carries playaways, and I like them, too. They're a great option!


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