Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spread the Word to end the Word - March 5th 2014

I am a Autism Advocate, and a strong supporter of
Every year, the site called "R Word - Spread the Word to End the Word" has a Awareness day, and today is the day for this Year! 

 If you are a Parent of a child with Special Needs, or family member or know someone with Special Needs, please take the Pledge at
( scroll down on the right hand side of this link - under the words Act Now! )

Shop at the official R-word Store for products and clothing to help spread the word!

Like them on Facebook -


  1. I LOVE this! People don't realize how a simple word can hurt. I have often been called "crippled". Seriously? I mean, come on! I love the way you advocate for Autism. I'm on my way to share. :)

    1. Thanks Wanda!
      I am so sorry that you have often been called "crippled". Names can hurt...
      Thanks for sharing my post.

  2. As you may know, my Gage is on the spectrum and I've spent the last year in a funk/whirlwind. Thank you for fighting the good fight. One day I'll have the energy to join you :)

    1. Hang in there! My Son is 22, and mildly Autistic. Its always challenging, but gets easier...


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