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Guest Post and a Giveaway - Buzz Kill by Teresa Trent

Buzz Kill Virtual Book Tour

I'm pleased to join the "Great Escapes Virtual Book Tour" for
 "Buzz Kill", the 4th in the Pecan Bayou Series by Teresa Trent

  Guest Post from Teresa Trent

What Happens When a Writer is the Parent of a Very Special Person?
by Teresa Trent
All of my books in the Pecan Bayou cozy mystery series feature a character named Danny, an adult with Down Syndrome. Danny is my heroine's cousin and just one of many characters who contribute to solving mysteries, getting caught by the bad guy, and just making life more enjoyable in my tiny Texas town. I have had many interviewers asking about him mostly because it's pretty hard to find a mystery series that features a person with a disability. But wait! If you take a good long look at Sherlock Holmes in light of his recent portrayals could it be that he had Aspergers? Maybe we've seen people with disabilities for longer than we know-don't forget Monk the obsessive compulsive detective. I love that guy.
I featured Danny in my fictional world because I am the parent of an adult with Down Syndrome in the real world. My son Andrew is part of a composite of many of the young people with Down Syndrome I've had the pleasure to get to know over the years. Andrew has also been diagnosed with autism/pdd so his communication skills and functional abilities are not anywhere near Danny's abilities, but he does have his stubbornness and the ability to show love to me even when I'm tired and cranky.
When I first started wanting to be a writer I pursued publishing down traditional paths. One agent stated that if I wasn't willing to make at least 50 appearances a year there was no way they could promote my book. As a parent I was not willing to make that kind of sacrifice so I tabled my writing. I eventually decided to take the plunge and independently publish and with that create my own appearances in the virtual world. Promoting a book is important and part of the whole deal, but like everything else as a parent of a disabled individual I had to find a way to make it fit our lives, not the other way around. Right now, as I am writing this my son is in the next room playing and watching TV and I am right where I want to be. It can be difficult to have a life that can exist along with being a parent/caretaker, but I think it's important for all of us to create a balance of some sort. I was an aspiring writer before I had Andrew and for me to be happy I had to find a way to be one after as well.
In my latest mystery, Buzzkill, Betsy is getting married and of course Danny is along helping decorate, telling a gay wedding planner how much he likes his shiny shirt, and bringing a girlfriend to the wedding. Danny is a part of the family and community and one of my favorite characters. As I start thinking about my next series I know I can't bring along Danny, but don't worry, people with disabilities are everywhere in real life so why shouldn't they be in fiction?
Its great learning more about you Teresa!   I'm anxious to read all the books in this series!

More about Teresa Trent:  Teresa Trent lives in Texas and loves writing about small town life. 

 She first got the idea to create Pecan Bayou after visiting the Texas Hill Country to view the millions of springtime flowers alongside the roads and highways. The town of Pecan Bayou does not exist in Texas, but there is a body of water in the state with the name. Pecan Bayou does exist in Teresa’s imagination and heart. Buzzkill is the fourth book in the Pecan Bayou series featuring all of the crazy characters who live in this cozy little town in Texas.

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  1. Great post about characters with special needs. They need to be featured in more books.

    1. I agree with you Melinda. I like books featuring people with special needs.

  2. Since I haven't read any of the Pecan Bayou Series I did not know about Danny. But after this interview, I'm more than ever interested in reading the series. I've met some Down Syndrome persons over my lifetime, and have always found them to be loving and happy people. I'm sure that's not always true as one is around them all the time, but that is how I perceive them. And I think it is great when a special needs person is written into novels [as long as it's not stereotype, or in a bad light] -- they are a part of life; and should not be ignored.

  3. Thank you for sharing about this author and book

  4. I don't have a helpful hint because I don't know what kind of hint you're looking for?? If you're looking for a way to promote this more, it looks like you're already doing it.

  5. Since I have a 10 year old grandson with Asperger's I'm always interested in reading books with special characters. And they are very special.

  6. Hi Melissa, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog about the crocheted baby blanket. I love reading books and I am reading the Shoemaker's Wife. Happy Reading.
    Julie from

    1. Julie, I love crocheted things, your baby blanket is so pretty! =)

  7. Teresa, I love it that you have featured a character with Down syndrome in your book, and that you were creative in figuring out how to stay home with your son and pursue your writing dreams. I would love to see more special needs characters in fiction, especially as sensitively and positively portrayed as you clearly do with Danny. I haven't read your series but I will definitely be keeping an eye out for it now!

  8. I haven't read this series yet.

  9. I am overwhelmed by all of your kind comments. Donna-you're right in that people with Down Syndrome are not always happy but with my son there is always time for a hug, no matter what mood he's in. Thank you all and thanks for hosting me on my tour!

    1. This series is great! =)

      I have a soft spot in my heart for all people with Disabilities. I think its so sweet that your Son has time for a matter what mood he's in! =)

      My 22 year old Son is mildly autistic and non-verbal. We have our challenges,..but he is doing great!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  10. Thanks so much for stopping by everyone!
    I really recommend this series!!

  11. I'm a new follower!! Carrie,

  12. It sounds like the writer and her son are both very lucky people. I'm very curious about the book now, and would love to read it. Thank you for the interview, Melissa!

  13. What a great guest post. I really have to read this series now.

  14. This sounds like a fun read, and I like that there is a character such as Danny in the book; I will have to start this series from the beginning! Thanks for sharing it.

  15. The winner is Linda H!
    Watch your emails Linda! =)


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