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Book Review and Giveaway _ "Do or Diner" by Christine Wenger

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Do or Diner
A Comfort Food Mystery
Published August 6, 2013
Mass Market Paperback

About the book:
When Trixie Matkowski agrees to take over her aunt’s diner, she pictures lakeside views and delicious comfort food in the small town where she spent summers as a child. But the sweet scene turns sour when someone puts murder on the menu…
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My Review:
One of my favorite genres is cozy mysteries ( and I always love a little romance in books... ) and this cozy has both!

  I really enjoyed the characters in this book, and the "small town" feel of the story. 
 As Trixie is getting settled into her "new" home, that her Aunt gives her, she is also becoming acquainted with the "Silver Bullet Diner" that has been in her family for a long time.
 Trixie has alot of recipes that were handed down thru the family, and she is anxious to try them out at the Diner.  But, she also needs to help solve the murder, and to help clear her name off of the murder suspect list!

I thought Trixie was a hard working and smart lady, ( and she's quickly learning the way that the waitresses call out the orders at the Diner ).  
Plus...she becomes friends with Deputy Ty Brisco,  ( who is also a local cowboy,) and all the ladies think that he is very cute!...including Trixie!
** One of my favorite sentences in the book...

"Call me Ty". With his drawl, those three simple words, lasted forever.  His smile was warm and infectious. 

Included in the back of the book are some recipes and a sneak peak at "A Second Helping of Murder" ( the second book in this series )
  Visit the authors website for a list of several recipes from
 "The Silver Bullet Diner"!

Im looking forward to reading the 2nd book in this series, due out next year!

Christine Wenger has also written romance books for Harlequin, and her "Comfort Food Mystery"  series is her first Cozy Mystery series.  She enjoys watching professional bull riding and rodeo with her favorite cowboy, her husband Jim. 
They have traveled to events in Las Vegas, Florida, Connecticut, and other states.

Watch for the 2nd book in this series titled
 "A Second Helping of Murder" due out in April 2014

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  1. Another great book for my To Read list!

  2. I've had this on my TBR list for a while.

  3. This sure sounds like an enjoyable book.

  4. Thanks for the giveaway, Melissa! The book sounds "delicious" (sorry, lol!). Diners, food, romance....what's not to love? My favorite diner food might be just a good old fashioned hamburger with french fries. :)

    Love, Joy

  5. Easy Cinnamon buns would be my fav

  6. Thanks for stopping by everyone! I really enjoyed this cozy!

  7. I really enjoyed reading this. The Deputy sure sounds good.

    1. Rhonda, I agree with you, the Deputy sure sounds like a nice guy!
      and...I think spaghetti sounds good without "mushrooms".. =)

  8. the spaghetti sounds good without mushrooms

  9. This book sounds good, I have it on my list to get. Good review.

  10. I like to order meatloaf if it's a good restaurant.

  11. I love a good beef manhattan...mashed taters and gravy along with the shredded beef on bread. Oh my!

  12. The meatloaf and the beef and mashed taters sound so good!

  13. This sounds like a fun book I'd really enjoy. Just downloaded it to my iPad. Thanks!

    1. Barbara, I think you will really like it, especially since you like to Bake! =)


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