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Annual Autism Awareness Giveaway Hop

Annual Autism Awareness Giveaway Hop
April 11th to 17th

Hosted by:
Lindsay @ Just Another Book Addict:

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Pixie @ Page Turners:

Kathy @ I Am A Reader, Not A Writer

April is Autism Awareness Month. 
 To help spread the word about Autism we are hosting a giveaway hop.

Over 75 blogs are each hosting a Giveaway!
Each participating blog is hosting a giveaway.  You will find lots of variety among the prizes.  Some of the blogs are giving away prizes that relate to autism, other blogs are giving away gift cards or other prizes and posting information about autism to help make others aware.
I know the causes and treatment of autism can bring controversy.  The point of this giveaway hop is simply to make people more aware about the subject by sharing information and experiences. 

For More Information about Autism:

Information about Temple Grandin, Ph.D.

Learn more about Act Today - Joe Mantegna
 (Spokesperson for ACT Today for Military Families) and Joey Travolta's
 (Founder of Inclusion Films) amazing charity work
Visit  http://www.cbs.com/shows/the_talk/topics/show/105756

I have also listed several Autism blog links in the upper left corner of my blog. 
 These are wonderful sites with lots of helpful links!

In honor of this Giveaway - Im giving away this very pretty necklace!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. A wonderful cause worth acknowledging and a giveaway too.sweet.xo P.S> I'm leaving a comment from my other blog today

  2. This is such a great cause, the necklace you are giving away is so nice I have several friends with Autistic brothers and my mom works with autistic children.

  3. i teach preschoolers with autism

    catherine0807 at hotmail dot com

  4. My grandson has autism.

  5. Its interesting to hear how many people know of someone with Autism.

    My 21 year old Son is mildly Autistic. He was diagnosed when he was 2. Early intervention is important - If you are looking for more information, I have included lots of links at the beginning of this post.

    Thanks for participating and raising awareness of Autism.

  6. Hello It's Julie from Connecting Piece by Piece. I saw your post and had to come to enter your Autisim Blog hop. If you do more in the future would you let me know so I can be a part of it too. My son has severe Autism. My nephew has high functioning Autism and my Neighbor's son has Autism. Melissa please email me at julielundstrom@yahoo.com. I would just love to talk.

  7. I do not personally know anyone with autism..

  8. Julie - Thanks for participating!
    I will send you a email, thanks for the note!

  9. Yes I do. He's doing great though and has a really great friend. He's also very into helping at the animal shelter with us

  10. Thanks for the opportunity to win a beautiful necklace. My son has autism and I have a few friends that have children on the spectrum.

  11. I don't know anyone personally, but Rachel had a girl in her class in Nebraska with Autism and I know your son has it. Thank you for helping to get more awareness about this out there.

  12. No really....
    but i hope every child or person w/ autism is being taken care of and appreciated for who they are

  13. My nephew has autism, it's a challenge to take him places and he often gets left out of big family gatherings because the noise is just too much, I have stayed with him a few times at home to allow the others a chance to go to the festivities. He's an amazing individual!

  14. To Pyper541-

    I think it so nice of you to stay home with your nephew so that others could go to the festivities.

    Sometimes as children with autism get older, they can handle noises a little bit better.

  15. I do not know any one with Autism. I have immense respect for parents who are blessed with the challenge of autism.

  16. My oldest has Aspergers. The necklace is beautiful.Thanks for the chance to win!


  17. I don't currently know anyone with autism.

    Rachael Henzman

  18. What an awesome giveaway for a really good cause. I don't know anyone who is autistic or has an autistic child but my respect goes out to those who do. We thought my son was autistic a few years back and went through the proper channels to get him tested. It was a very overwhelming time back then, but it turned out he was just having speech issues. Thank you for posting this giveaway and letting everyone know about the autism awareness :)

  19. Its great hearing from everyone!
    Thank you!

    Libby - Early intervention is "key" to a diagnosis.
    Im glad that you tested your Son early.
    I hope that his speech issues have gotten better.

  20. What a great way to bring attention to autism. I don't have any families with autism but I know of some that does.

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. A friend of mine use to nanny for a family that had twin boys with Autism. She was actually the reason why they were tested when they were young.

  23. I noticed a duplicate post from
    Terri's Little Haven ( duplicates happen sometimes.. )
    so her "duplicate" comment was deleted ( above )

  24. In reply to the nanny working for a family with twin boys with Autism. Im glad that the nanny noticed something that prompted the testing! Early intervention is good!

  25. I do not know anyone with autism. Thanks for participating!

  26. I have a nephew that is on the Spectrum. I also have several friends both online and irl that have at least one autistic child.

  27. I know of one person, my best friends son. My niece, who just turned one, has all the signs and is being tested.

  28. thanks so much for coming to my blog and inviting me to join in! But the day before the blog hop ends just wasn't enough time for me to get a giveaway together and link up. Best of luck...sounds like a lot of fun!

  29. I know of at least 2 families that have an autistic teenager.


  30. I don't know anyone with autism.
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!
    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  31. Its interesting to hear that so many people know someone with Autism.

    Thanks to everyone that entered my Drawing!!

    I will be announcing the winner later today. =)

  32. Julie has won the Autism Necklace from my Giveaway!
    Thanks to everyone that entered!


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